July 8, 2016

Nashville Engagement Photographer | Amanda & Michael



First things first, North Carolina is awesome and extremely underrated. Secondly, and more importantly, Amanda and Michael are two of the best people we have ever met.

After a 5 hour drive from Nashville, we were greeted by towering mountains and forests. If you’ve never been to the Great Smoky Mountains or Blue ridge Mountains, you’re totally missing out. Between large mountains, waterfalls, and pine forests, the area is definitely not lacking in the scenery department.

After spending a few hours in the car with these two, it was pretty clear that we were about to have an incredible two days. Michael and Amanda are two of the most kind and genuine people I have ever met. I wasn’t only struck by their deep affection for eachother, but their deep caringness for others as well. I instantly felt like a friend when I hopped in their car. After we shot around in this rad forest, we made our way to Devil’s Courthouse along the Blue Ridge Parkway to grab some epic mountain goodness. We were running up the trail to beat the darkness and after shooting for only 10 minutes, were greeted by pitch black storm clouds. Everything happened so fast. Amanda and Michael ran back to the car while remarking that they just experienced one of the best moments of their whole relationship. I have to admit, sharing that experience with these two was a huge reminder of why we do what we do. After that, we headed back to Amanda’s grandparents ┬áhouse where we caught 4 hours of Z’s. We woke up around 4:30am, made our way to Cade’s cove and wrapped up a wonderful two days of shooting. I can’t thank these two enough for choosing us to share such an adventure with them. Congratulations Michael and Amanda!


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Natalie Roessler 00:02 July 9, 2016 Reply
beautifully captured!
Alexis 20:00 July 9, 2016 Reply
Stunning! Beautiful work <3
Abby 01:58 July 12, 2016 Reply
Gosh. I love these so. So beautiful!
Thomas Pretorius 04:40 July 12, 2016 Reply
wonderful job. These will be cherished dearly. Thank you!
Emily Hatch 21:10 July 12, 2016 Reply
I love the emotion here! Nashville is privileged to have such a wOnderful tEam of wedding photogRaPhers whose passion to capture others shines through their work. ExCellent work in sharing tHeir raw emOtions!
Erin 22:03 July 12, 2016 Reply
The scenery is mindblowing. Wow!
Negoescu Octavian 23:14 July 13, 2016 Reply
Wow.. this Engagement session looks so beautiful! Congrats on catching so many great pictures! Love it!
Donny Tidmore 23:42 July 13, 2016 Reply
Breathtaking work! Love the emotions and mountains!
Priscilla anderson 14:37 July 14, 2016 Reply
Such a sweet couple! Love the magical, ethereal quality of the photography. Felt like I was watching a romantic movie minus the script...
Shaina DeCiryan 21:07 July 19, 2016 Reply
Albert Palmer 16:54 July 20, 2016 Reply
What beautifully big images! These are stunning and a stylish couple too. Top work !
Jessica 04:36 July 23, 2016 Reply
What an incredible session!! Their wedding is going to be breathtaking!! You captured the love so perfectly, and the feels of this session!!! Nashville has one amazing photographer!!

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