Best of 2016 | Nashville Wedding Photographer

Best of 2016 / Nashville Wedding Photographer 

Dang, what a year 2016 has been. I warn you that this will be a pretty long post so just sit tight and grab some pizza!

2016 was a year or learning. It was a year of figuring out what we really wanted this business to be. It was a year of gaining some of the best friends ever. As most people know, Allison has a job other than photography that she absolutely loves. I had actually moved to Nashville to be with her when she accepted her new job. I was going to film school full time and shooting weddings on the side so I could make ends meet.

Fast forward to January 2016. I’m sitting in our parking garage after just registering for all of my classes at a new film school. I was just told I wouldn’t have time to ever shoot during the week or much less at all. I was told I had 2-3 more years of school after already spending 4 years in school. I’m that guy with 130 college hours and no degree to show for it. So, I called the school back an hour later after I registered and I simply quit. The next week we had a business license for Cody & Allison.

It was easily the hardest decision I have ever made. Giving up security in a world that so heavily relies on the value of a piece of paper was scary. But it was oddly liberating. This job has brought some of the most incredible people and experience into our lives and I honestly can’t say I have one single regret. Because of this job, I traveled to more states just this year than I collectively have in my entire life. To say I am grateful is an understatement. So if there’s any take away from this, I hope it’s making someone realize that if they want to do something, they should essentially take Shia Labeouf’s advice and just do it.

There were so many reasons to not pursue being a wedding photographer full time and really only a few to actually do it. The few outweighed the many. At the age of 23, this job has allowed me to build a life I thought would take years to attain. So thanks to everyone who helped make this a rad year for us. Thank you to all of the couples who believed in our work and trusted us. And thank you for reading this long and sappy post. Cheers!

Cody & Allison