January 20, 2017

Chelsea & Jeremiah | Chattanooga Wedding Photographer

Chattanooga Wedding Photographer
Chattanooga Wedding Photography
Chattanooga Wedding Photographer. 

When we originally met Chelsea, she was planning her wedding for early spring of this year. As fate so had it, we received a text from Chelsea saying that the wedding was having to be moved to December 27th, 2016 due to scheduling with the military. Which was just a few weeks away.

Obviously, we were available and were so excited how the change of plans worked out. Even down to the day of the wedding, the locations for a good bulk of these photos was completely changed. It basically rained the entire morning. Instead of going out to the original venue that was filled with beautiful areas to shoot around, we opted for the Old Woolen Mill.  And we are so glad we did! It’s not every day you get to shoot two incredible people around an old abandoned mill. Moral of the story, things never go as planned. Go with whatcha got.

Here are some highlights from this rad day!







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