April 21, 2017

Abbey & Jake | Black Balsam Knob Engagement

Abbey & Jake

Black Balsam Knob Engagement // Dang. Just dang. We literally had the best time hanging out with Abbey and Jake at Looking Glass Falls, Black Balsam Knob and some other gorgeous areas on the Blue Ridge Parkway. When we first met Abbey and Jake, it was more than obvious we had to shoot their wedding. These two are some of the most sweet and genuine people you could know. We started the day with a long drive into the mountains for their shoot and ended it eating some of Jake’s dad’s famous Chili. Seriously, I might have to go get Chili after writing about this now! It’s always great to spend some quality time with our couples. We are so thankful for the experience we got to have with these two and can’t wait to shoot their wedding this fall!

Here are a few of our favorites from their Black Balsam Knob Engagement session!


Also, a huge thanks to Junebug Weddings for publishing this one!



black balsam knob engagement




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