(with a twist)

If you're someone who cares more about having a sh*t ton of fun on your wedding day rather than everything being perfect...

We might vibe!

hey, it's us!

Our story is far from perfect


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Andria & Dane | Nashville Wedding | Cedarwood Weddings

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Dana & Parker | Nashville Cordelle Wedding

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Dorian & Billy | Chicago Wedding Photographer

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North Georgia Intimate Wedding | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

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Not *quite* photos.

It's like video...but not really. Like stop motion. But like, also not really.


Moving Moments

"…It became clear to us that we valued having a photographer who could capture emotions through photos. Beyond remembering what we looked like, we wanted to look back at our photos and feel how we felt on our wedding day. Through that, it became clear these images wouldn’t be possible unless we connected genuinely with the people we chose.

The idea of having my photo taken made me feel vulnerable and I was nervous going into our session. However, being in Cody and Allison's presence instantly and effortlessly felt like a relaxed hang out with friends. Cody and Allison are friendly, open, and care deeply about their couples. We quickly felt at ease having this couple in our corner..."

-Shannon & Joe

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