Nashville Wedding Photography | Intimate Backyard Wedding | Rory & Cara

Nashville Wedding Photography | Intimate Back Yard Wedding | Rory and Cara // We are total suckers for small and intimate weddings. The idea of having those closest to you and remembering what a wedding is truly about is such a beautiful thing for us to capture. Unlike a lot of the weddings we shoot, we were asked to shoot this wedding just 3 weeks before it was taking place. We had barely spoken to these two and were going in blindly. But after meeting Cara and Rory and witnessing the immense amount of love these two have for each other, it all made sense. Cara and Rory are both talented musicians and share a passion for art. If you haven’t heard Rory’s music yet, be sure to check out Milo Rapsmith! 

We are so excited to share these photos with the world and share Cara and Rory’s story!


Nashville Wedding Photography