Danielle & Kris | Anniversary Session | Washington Wedding Photographer

If you’re a Washington Wedding Photographer, you have it good. Which I told Danielle at least ten times. Foggy and moody vibes for days. That’s literally all we could say about this session with Danielle and Kris. I was so excited when Danielle had reached out shooting her and Kris when I came to Washington earlier this Fall! Everything worked out so I could shoot them just in time for their anniversary! Being able to go on adventure to Snoqualmie pass as soon as left the airport was nothing short of exciting! We hopped in their car and drove out to Franklin Falls while I ooed and awed at the scenery. Danielle and Kris are two incredibly kind and talented people! Danielle is a wonderful photographer and Kris is one of the brains behind several awesome phone applications. I can’t speak enough about how much I enjoyed this session and hanging out with these two!


Here are some of our favorites!



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