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Allie & Taylor // Knoxville Wedding Photographers.

Where to even begin with these two. We first met Allie through a few photography Facebook groups and then again at a photography conference we were running. Allie and Taylor are actually both Knoxville wedding photographers, so it was a huge honor that they chose us to document their wedding day! When we arrived at her parents homestead, we were extremely shocked to find out this was the first wedding there! The property was extremely beautiful, inviting and served as an amazing space for such a celebration! It’s always a privilege to be welcomed as a guest at a wedding. When we arrived, we felt warmly welcomed by all of Allie and Taylor’s incredible family and friends! We like to think that is one of the very things we most love about shooting weddings. Nothing compares to being able to capture a wedding day from the inside out and be able to feel the love in a space. We loved this wedding because there was such a focus and dedication to the couple and it was extremely evident! We saw little to no cell phone use during the entire day, everyone cheered for these two every chance they got and lots of tears of happiness were shed for these two. They both danced to Death Cab for Cutie for their first dance (one of our favorite bands!) and of course, we teared up ourselves.

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