Tracie & Clint | Black Balsam Knob Elopement

Tracie & Clint | Black Balsam Knob Elopement

It’s been months since I first met Tracie and Clint in the mountains of North Carolina. And I’m so incredibly glad that I did! As I was leaving for their elopement (a five hour drive from home), the forecast had shown rain all day. I was extremely worried all day while driving to North Carolina as it was raining my entire trip there. But once I got there, the rain had stopped and left us with the most perfect weather! It was a beautiful and overcast day which made for the most beautiful photo ops! After their ceremony at this beautiful waterfall, they hopped in the car with me for an hour drive up into the mountains. On the way, I got to hear about their story of coming together. These two have been together for over 19 years but with quite a few curve balls in life, had never gotten the opportunity to get married. It was such an honor to get to document such a pivotal moment in their lives, truly. The day felt so special and these two are some of the kindest people I have ever met. I remember them telling me their dream was to buy a house in Black Mountain, NC. As it turns out, these two just recently moved to that area and bought their house in the last few months!

We’re so excited to share this story with you all!


Dress | Hayley Paige

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