October 24, 2017

Flagstaff & Sedona Wedding Photos | Arizona Wedding Photographer

Marisah & Steven | Arizona Wedding Photographer

Do you know those weddings where there wasn’t a single dry eye in the crowd? Yep, this was one of those. While Allison was just a state over in Colorado shooting her own wedding (which will also be blogged soon!), I was in Arizona documenting what would be one of the most emotional wedding days I’ve ever been apart of! When Marisah and Steven first reached out, I felt this urge to just call them right away! I immediately felt such a sense of humility, warmth and genuine good vibes from these two. A few weeks before their wedding, I had the chance to hop on a video chat with these two to go over some last minute details for their wedding. During that hour, we talked about their relationship and what it meant to each of them. Marisah had always fallen for Steven’s kind and selfless nature and Steven had always loved the way Marisah devotes herself to God and worship.

The entire time we spent together felt more like bonding and not a bit like work. We talked about life, photography (they’re also photographers and videographers!) and just really all got to know one another. The day after their wedding, we went down to Sedona, Arizona for a day after session and adventure! Of course, we grabbed amazing coffee before the shoot and then tacos afterwards.

Here’s their full story! Enjoy!




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