January 2, 2018

Joshua Tree Engagement Photos | California Wedding Photographers

These two. There are so many wonderful things we can say about Isaac & Alyssa however, that will fill up a ton of space and probably get weird after a while. But just take our word for it that these two are incredible people! We first met these two when they came over for tacos for their “consult” with us! We bonded over music and movies and a mutual love for Mas Tacos (our favorite taco joint in Nashville!). After chatting for a bit, we found out that we would all be in Southern California near Joshua Tree the same time they would be! We decided to plan their Joshua Tree engagement session and it was totally worth it! We had the craziest weather throughout the entire few hours and spent the last 15 minutes chasing the sunlight in an effort to find the perfect Joshua Tree to shoot by for these two!


Here’s a few of our favorite photos from our time with them!


desert engagements

desert engagement session

Joshua tree weddings

Joshua tree engagement

Joshua tree wedding photographers

Joshua tree engagement session


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