February 1, 2018

Five Important Questions to Ask Your Potential Wedding Photographer

So you’re freshly engaged, booked a venue and are now looking at hundreds upon thousands of talented wedding photographers! Well first off, congrats! You’re now at one of the most important (in our opinion, of course 😉 )  steps in wedding planning! While you probably have a general sense of what you’re looking for in a  wedding photographer, we just wanted to provide a few helpful tips on a few vital questions to ask your potential wedding photographer!

“Can we see a full gallery?”

When first inquiring with a wedding photographer, it’s important to get a more detailed sense of how they capture a wedding day! That being said, asking to see a full gallery of a few weddings is always a great idea! In a full gallery, you’re going to see up to 20 times the amount of photos a photographer may share on a blog post or instagram. This gives you a better idea of how they document moments, approach certain parts of the day, and it can just give you an overall better sense of confidence in their work!

“Do you do family formal photos on the wedding day?” 

Believe it or not, there are a few styles of wedding photography that don’t favor the idea of traditional/smile at the camera type photos. While that’s totally a personal and artistic preference, it’s a question that is often overlooked and often leave a couple without family photos they would have otherwise wanted. If family photos are something important or sentimental to you, it never hurts to simply ask your photographer if it’s something they frequently shoot on wedding days! You can also get a good sense of that stylistic preference in a variety of that photographer’s full galleries!

 “Do you offer albums?”

In the digital age, it can be really easy to forget about the concept of a wedding album or getting prints made! There are actually a number of photographers who don’t offer albums out of personal preference. If you’re someone who values the tangible experience of flipping through a handmade leather album, it might be a good question to ask your potential photographer! If you miss the boat on choosing a photographer that offers albums, it may be difficult to have one made as most album companies only exclusively work with photographers. Designing an album also requires super duper expensive software. Luckily, albums are making a strong comeback as people are reconnecting with the value of tangible goods and physical reading material!

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“How do you describe your photographic style/approach?”

This question is really easy to overlook when you’re oohing and awing over your potential photographers work! I mean, you can clearly see their style, right? While their work speaks for itself, it’s never a bad idea to ask them to simply describe their style and approach! A lot of what you’re paying for when you hire a wedding photographer is the overall experience you’re having with them. While the result can often look the same, it’s always important to have a general sense of how they’re getting the photographs they do. For example, some photographers may heavily direct a lot of the day, work from posing prompt cards etc while others may try to go with the flow of the day and just feed off of the couple’s vibe. Either way, it’s important to figure out what will work best for your personalities and get a good understanding of their style!

“Why do you shoot weddings?”

Last but certainly not least, it never hurts to ask your potential wedding photographer why they do what they do. While this question isn’t one that is seemingly black and white to answer, it’s always a good way to see where your wedding photographers priorities are during the season of working together. While you’re trusting your wedding photographer to deliver their signature artistic style along with beautiful photos, it’s also important to understand their motivation behind photographing weddings specifically and how that plays into the experience they provide for all of their couples! After all, when planning for the one of the biggest days of your lives, it’s always important your values align with the values of the vendors you ask to be apart of your day!




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