Four Reasons To Hire a Wedding Planner

They help bring your thoughts to life with their own creativity

One of the most incredible traits of a good wedding planner is their ability to take all of the compiled ideas you’ve given them and translate them into a literal work of art! Being extremely detail oriented kind of people, they typically understand the ins and outs of what works visually as well as functionally! Imagine the design aspect only consisting of giving your planner a general sense of what you love, your personality and quirks and any other wedding inspiration you have. Pretty easy, right?

In addition to this, a lot of planners/even designers may have access to pieces of decor or other resources that you might have had to otherwise find yourself!

They know the wedding industry very well. 

When making a lot of large decisions, specifically financial decisions, it can be difficult to know exactly what and how you should be investing your money into. The confusion and overthinking alone can cause a lot of stress or anxiety. Wedding planners have done this a time or two (or hundreds of times) and can easily help your prioritize when, where and what to do throughout the season of wedding planning! For example, many people don’t know that you should be hiring your photographers soon after finding your venue!

In addition to that, it’s always good to have peace in mind that your team of vendors are of the best quality, work wise and as humans as well! Planners have a really great knack for vetting the people they work with on their team. Of course, you always have a say in the vendors you hire, but the peace of mind never hurts!

They help run the entire day. 

Ever wonder what a superhero without a cape looks like? Well, besides Spiderman, it’s definitely a wedding planner! While some wedding planners may work strictly as a planner and designer, it’s more likely that they’ll also be doing a fair amount of coordinating, if not completely doubling as a wedding coordinator. Wedding planners are often wearing multiple hats and some even work with teams! Having someone with the skill of being able to delegate tasks as well as manage a lot of small tasks themselves is truly priceless.

In addition to this, wedding planners and their team are also the ones who end up physically setting all of the decorations, table scapes and other decor pieces! While it’s easy to get ambitious and want to do a lot of hands on stuff yourself, it’s also hard to be present when you’re having to think about hundreds of small details!


They are truly the biggest stress reliever. 

The best way to describe a wedding is a beautiful mess of organized chaos. Some things will inevitably go wrong and that’s completely and 100% okay.  But one of our favorite things about working with planners is how they are always quick to jump to bat for their couples. If there’s one outstanding quality of a good wedding planner it’s the simple fact that they genuinely care about you and want you to have the best day you can possibly have.

In addition to taking care of you both, your wedding planner also takes care of your vendors, makes sure your team is fed and taken care of and ensures everyone has what they need to do the best job for the both of you!




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