Iceland Wedding Photographer | Iceland Engagement Session

Darin & Abigail | Iceland Engagement Session

Every once and a while as a wedding photographer, you’re going to meet some pretty incredible people. In fact, it happens pretty often. These two are definitely just that. We knew from the moment (or three hours) we talked during our first consult with these two that we just had to be apart of their wedding experience. We use the term “wedding experience” because these two had put so much thought and intention into how they wanted this season to feel for them. They had first planned one of their bucket list trips to Iceland for their engagement photos. During our first talk, we had planned their entire session for the same time we were already going to be in Iceland!

We spent several days with Darin & Abigail exploring the southern coast of Iceland, stopping anywhere and everywhere that looked incredible. During our time together, we shared so many great conversations and even more laughs! We shared stories, talked about big ideas, business (they’re both wedding photographers as well), and just simply enjoyed our time together in one of the most beautiful places ever.

One of the first stops for their photos was a relatively private waterfall. In fact, we really only saw one person there! But what really stuck out was the fact that it just felt like we were hanging out and taking photos casually. Darin & Abigail wanted the first part of their shoot to feel casual, be low stress and just be about the experience in a new place. As they stood at the base of this misty waterfall, we just asked them to scream that they loved each other as loud as they could! You’ll actually see that in the photos and some of the moments that followed!

These two are truly some of the most genuine and caring people we have ever had the pleasure of spending time with and we are beyond thankful for the experiences we are getting to share with them and the friendship we gained. A massive thank you and hugs to Darin & Abigail.

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