June 18, 2019

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer | Lancaster Wedding

Early last year, we had the privilege of traveling to Lancaster, PA to share in Bethany & Peter’s wedding day! From the moment we met these two, it was so evident that they had such a deep love and respect for one another. We remember just being really excited after meeting them and even more excited after their wedding. Their wedding day was full of heartfelt and sincere moments and their entire guest list seemed to play such a supportive role in their lives which left us feeling in good company.

They also happened to get married in the very beginning of January which led to us taking portraits in the snow in nearly 0 degree weather. But aside from freezing, we ended the night in a warmly lit ball room that gave off all beautiful winter wedding vibes.

Lastly, we want to send these two a huge congrats on their recent addition to their family! There’s no doubt these two will be incredible parents!

winter wedding

lancaster pa wedding



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