July 22, 2019

Marshall & Jen + Kelley & Justin | Baltimore Wedding Photographer

We first met Jen & Marshall on a trip to Seattle last year as we both happened to be traveling there at the same time when they reached out to set up a meeting!

They told us about how they were planning to get married but were also going to be sharing their wedding day with Jen’s sister, Kelley. Jen had actually gotten engaged before Kelley but knew that Justin would be proposing to Kelley soon. Kelley and Jen are extremely close to each other so any decision, whether it be an outfit to buy or in this case, what to choose for their wedding, is always ran by the other one as they have extremely similar taste and interests. A few months after they started wedding planning, Justin proposed to Kelley and found out her entire wedding was already planned for her and that she had been helping plan it all along!

We had such a great time working with these two couples and sharing a truly unique experience!


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Hey, it's us!

Hey there! We are Cody & Allison; Nashville Wedding Photographers. A few years ago, our lives drastically shifted and left us questioning almost everything from our careers as wedding photographers all the way to our marriage. This led us down a path of personal growth and that's when we discovered two key ingredients of happiness...to continually be true to ourselves and to spend time with the things and people that we love. That's when we realized our cameras are simply tools to deepen the intimacy and self confidence of our couples. Relationships are at the heart of why we do what we do and our biggest intention is in providing an experience that is beyond just the transaction of getting paid to show up and take a few nice photos. You deserve more than that.