Inexpensive Date Night Ideas To Hit The Reset Button

In the midst of our sometimes fast paced lives, it’s really easy to let days, weeks or even months go by without setting aside time to just simply have fun. In addition to that, it can be even harder to settle into a date night that truly helps you connect with your partner and cultivate connection and intimacy with your partner. A lot of date nights easily turn into a source of stimulated entertainment that don’t really leave us the space we need with our partner and because of that, we wanted to give you all some of our favorite ideas for date nights! All of these were intentionally chosen because they’re all meant to be accessible, inexpensive and be loose enough to give you both time to just simply talk and actually catch up! When we go out of our way to set aside time together, we further highlight the value and priority of our relationships. 

Before we dive in, we only have one pro tip for all of these scenarios. Leave technology out of it! Put your phones on airplane mode, do not disturb or just leave them at home. Maybe just bring one phone for any emergencies and remember what it feels like to disconnect so you can reconnect! 

Maybe life has gotten away from you both and you’re in need of a reset button. Maybe you’re both feeling burnt out, like you aren’t communicating quite like you have in the past. Maybe you just need to have fun. Whatever the case, here are a few simple date night ideas to help you hit the reset button! 


Stay Home!

One of our favorite date nights we ever had was when we decided to have our own mini spa night at home! Not only was this an extremely inexpensive option, it put us both in a state of relaxation and gave us space for conversation!

Maybe lay down a ton of comfy pillows, blankets and if you want to go the extra mile, grab some massage oil and really do the thing! You could also even throw in some bath bombs, face masks, essential oils or any other favorite spa activity! Seriously, get as extra as you’re willing to go!

If you decide to go the massage route, it’s also worth it to consider that type of energetic connection you can cultivate when you both commit to giving to each other. One of the biggest universal truths we’ve learned about love is that it’s an action and series of actions practiced every day and that being of service to your partner is the greatest way to not only give love, but to feel it in yourself!

If you’re still wanting to stay in, another idea is to simply turn your favorite nook of your home into a dining area. Maybe you both decide to cook a new meal together and create something that you’ve always wanted to make! Fun fact, when we try something new or different, it actually helps us ground into the preset moment and simply enjoy the experience. If you want to take this one step further, you could even decide to make your own craft cocktails and experiment with making different concoctions together!

Maybe you even decide to plan an activity with dinner. If you’re music lovers like us, then maybe you buy that new record that just came out or even stream it online! It could even just be solid ambience to your dinner and conversation. Speaking of conversation, a tool we’ve been using to spark more meaningful conversations are the Icebreaker Questions Card Deck By Best Self Co. 

Best Self Co also has a few other decks that are definitely on our radar, including one that is geared towards intimacy for couples. The Icebreaker deck features questions such as “would you rather?” all the way to much more deeper questions. Sometimes it’s easy to forget all of the little parts of our partner that make them the person they are and this deck has helped us to rediscover those things!

Lastly, get sentimental. Go through your all of your photos you’ve taken together and just reminisce. Remember all the feelings you’ve had throughout your relationship together. If you’re already married, maybe you go through your wedding album together as well!

Sometimes life gets busy and almost automated and we fall into autopilot. Ultimately, these date nights are meant to get you out of your routine and remember what it feels like to simply continue to get to know your partner, much like you did when you first started dating.

Technically, you can easily do all we mentioned above in one night. Granted, it could easily turn into a four hour date night. However, that’s totally not a bad thing by any means! If you need a big reset, have a big date night!

Get Out!

Another really fun idea we’ve literally talked about doing dozens of times, but haven’t had the chance to just yet is just simply decking your car out and going on a drive! For instance, maybe deck your car out with some battery powered string lights, pack a homemade dinner, or even some takeout from your favorite place.  Then just drive around listening to music, talking, even bring one of those Icebreaker decks with you to stimulate the conversation!

If you want to take this even further, maybe take the party to a local drive in theater! There’s nothing quite like making a full on nest of blankets in the back of your vehicle, stringing up some lights and eating your favorite takeout all while watching a movie on huge screen all while in a really nostalgic setting.

Lastly, for those of you who enjoy the outdoors, maybe choose a daytime outdoor activity! For instance,  pack a picnic, grab a few books, a large blanket or two and head out to your favorite outdoor area. One of our favorite things to do is to just lay down on a blanket in of our favorite spots here in Nashville and just read or talk about life. If you’re the types that enjoy to be more active outside, maybe tie that outdoor picnic with some biking. You could even hit up a few different spots and just the afternoon outdoors.

If you’re the type of couple who enjoys a little adventure, maybe try Geocaching! For those who haven’t heard of Geocaching, there’s an app or even website you can download that essentially gives you clues to find these various hidden containers that are placed by other players around your city. Your objective is to follow the clues listed on the website, find the container, and then sign your name on the paper provided inside. It’s truly such a fun way to put your heads together!



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