May 18, 2020

Tulsa Wedding | Oklahoma Wedding Photographer

A while back, we traveled to Tulsa, Oklahoma to document and celebrate Stephanie & EJ for the entire weekend! Stephanie & EJ met after being virtually introduced by EJ’s sister. Over the course of three years of being instagram friends, EJ tried to get Stephanie to take a trip to Oklahoma for them both to meet! Stephanie finally agreed to come down to Oklahoma to EJ’s ranch (where the wedding was also held!) on the condition that she could bring a film crew from from an outdoors show she was working on and document her time with EJ, who also shares a deep love for the outdoors along with hunting/fishing. Over the course of their three days together, the camera documented their time together and at the end of it, it was very clear that these two were falling in love.

Later on in their relationship, EJ proposed to Stephanie by taking her up in a helicopter and showing her a 10 acre patch of land that had the words mowed into it ““Stephanie will you marry me < EJ”.  EJ also mowed the words “LOVEFEST” into the same patch of land for their wedding weekend! 

Their wedding weekend was a series of 3 days full of events, much like their first meeting! I think the photos illustrate how incredibly exciting this weekend was, so enjoy Stephanie & EJ’s LOVEFEST!

Photography – Cody & Allison Photography
Event Planning – Farthing Events
Venue – Valley Park Ranch
Floral Design – Eversomething
Catering – Palace Cafe
Cake – Laurannae Baking Co.
DJ – DJ Jonny Famous
Live Music – Grazzhopper
Videography – Wild Light Films
Stationery – The Inviting Place
Makeup Artist – Shannon Schroeder
Hair Styling – Julie Shaffer
Wedding Dress – Elizabeth Fillmore
Groom and Groomsmen’s Apparel – Cavender’s
Rentals – Found Rentals
Transportation – Village Tours and Travel
Favors – Nomadic Collector
Tents – Party Pro Rentals
Lighting – Omni Lighting
Linens – La Tavola Fine Linen
Balloons – Tulsa Balloons Express
Glamping Tents – Homma Camp Co.
Fireworks – Pyro Shows
RV Rentals – Southwest RV Rentals


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