May 27, 2020

Iceland Wedding Photographer | Iceland Elopement

Iceland Wedding Photographer // Iceland Elopement.

Summing Iceland along with this entire trip into words is dang near impossible. Iceland is one of those places that simply doesn’t feel like part of this world! Words can’t describe the excitement Allison and I felt when Jacob and Alena asked us to take part in their Iceland elopement! Jacob and Alena are two extremely wonderful people who’s love for each other is more than evident. They’re also both talented photographers themselves!

The first night, Alena and Jacob opted to write their vows together, something we’ve never seen before! It was such a great experience to watch them put on some mood tunes and just spill all their feels on a page. The next day, we woke up at 3am to drive over four hours to the south eastern part of Iceland. We spent the entire day adventuring and shooting on our way back to our airbnb.

Getting to know these two was such an awesome experience. Within the first day, we felt like we were just enjoying a vacation with two old friends. That’s literally all we can ever ask for and we can’t thank these two enough for allowing us to take part in their Iceland elopement! Here is a glimpse into Jacob & Alena’s adventure.


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The oranges (colour not fruit) in flowers made it foe me.

Absolut stunning! What a brautidul cermony that you captured so elegantly!

Breathtaking. The quiet intimacy of these moments are so sweet- love how the landscape of iceland envelopes them in love. Her golden protea bouquet is a looker! Your work is stunning as always, cody & allison!

What an incredibly beautiful elopement! I love that they brought some bubbly along to celebrate with!

Wow! I want to get married all over again, this time in iceland! Good job captuing their day

AWESOME <3 I love this wedding <3