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It’s really hard to sum up such an incredible experience of working with two amazing souls. We’d even venture to say that Madeline and Sam are two of the most genuine and fun people we’ve met!

These two met while teaching in Taiwan a few years back and instantly became best friends. They were some of the only two english speaking teachers and bonded over sharing a few beers, riding vespas around Taiwan and talking about life. Sam is originally from New Zealand and had actually been living there while Madeline was living in the US. Other than Skype calls and the occasional visit to each other, these two were really on that long distance dealio.

Fast forward to last year… Sam is working on getting his visa and getting to the states to start their life together. When Sam moved to America from New Zealand, he had to sell all of his guitars and worldly possessions to be able to move and start their new life together in New Orleans. Music is a big part of Sam’s life, so it was important for Madeline to be able to show him her appreciation for all of his sacrifices for their relationship so she decided to surprise him with a new guitar that was hiding right near Sam during their letter reading and first touch! She actually mentioned it was a gift for her too because she loves to hear him play!

Then comes the wedding day! It was definitely a weekend of genuine warmth, tears and just all the relaxed vibes that anyone could ask for on their wedding weekend. As a photographer, all you can ever hope for is for the two people you’re following around all day is to be relaxed and be present. Needless to say, it was a blast to watch these two have the time of their lives with all of their favorite people!

A huge thank you to these two for allowing us to share in this weekend as well and to all the incredible vendors that made it happen!

Cody & Allison



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