June 13, 2020

Craggy Gardens Engagement Session | Asheville Wedding Photographer

Allie & Bailey | Asheville Engagement Session

Last fall, we traveled out to Asheville, North Carolina to spend the day with these two. We spent the first few hours of our time with Allie & Bailey eating some delicious tacos and then made our way over to a chocolate shop where Allie & Bailey had actually had one of their most memorable dates! Of course, we shamelessly ate some deserts and coffee before making our way to Craggy Gardens.

After shooting around in the forest for a few hours, we made our way up to the edge of the overlook. As we were getting our camera settings adjusted, we turned around to see Allie & Bailey embraced and braving the cold wind together. Thankfully we were able to snag a few photos from those moments as well! This went on to be one of our favorite moments/engagement photos we’ve ever gotten to capture! You can see that photo here in Junebug Wedding’s engagement photos of the year collection!

We truly enjoyed getting to spend time with these two and can’t wait to show some highlights from their wedding day here in the next few months!



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