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Some words from Shannon & Joe about their experience…

“When two scientists get married, the wedding planning process inevitably is driven by logical decisions. As we explored photography options, we started by focusing on a checklist.  In our hearts, we wanted to find someone capable of capturing priceless moments and the experience of our wedding day. Still, we began this journey feeling obligated to make sure our photographer checked all of our logical “perfect photographer” boxes.

As if by fate, Cody and Allison were the first photographers we spoke to. We felt an instant connection, spending well over an hour on the phone talking, laughing, and getting to know each other. Although we spoke plenty about photography style and package options, Cody and Allison invested in getting to know us as a couple from the beginning. I didn’t think my photographers would ask me what I loved most about my fiancé or what I valued in life, but I’m glad they did. Joe and I felt like we got to know each other more deeply as a result of one conversation with Cody and Allison. Despite sitting on our couch in scrubs after a long work day, we felt happy and connected like we had just been out on a double date.

Sticking to our logical plan, we continued talking to photographers. We felt a deep connection and excitement about working with Cody and Allison, but we wanted to do our due diligence and be confident in our decision. It became clear to us that we valued having a photographer who could capture emotions through photos. Beyond remembering what we looked like, we wanted to look back at our photos and feel how we felt on our wedding day. As we talked to different photographers, it became clear these images wouldn’t be possible unless we connected genuinely with the person we chose. The checklist became less important, and we intuitively knew Cody and Allison were the perfect photographers to create the art we dreamed of.

We felt even more confident in our decision upon meeting Cody and Allison in person for our engagement photos. Ironically, we are two people who are not relaxed about photographs. Joe doesn’t like to have much focus on him and has never liked being photographed – he still refuses to get on Instagram. I assumed wedding photography would be reminiscent of the Christmas card shoots of my childhood, filled with constant posing, cuing and correcting. I am more self-conscious than I let people realize, especially when it comes to pictures. The idea of having my photo taken made me feel vulnerable. I was forced to confront my insecurity and perfectionism. With all of these thoughts and emotions, I was nervous going into our session. However, being in Cody and Allison’s presence instantly and effortlessly felt like a relaxed hang out with friends. Cody and Allison are friendly, open, and care deeply about their couples. We quickly felt at ease having this couple in our corner. It was unexpected but vital for our photographers to be a source of both friendship and support for relationship growth. We loved that Cody and Allison had been in our shoes and could coach us through many parts of our wedding process, like the stresses of the invite lists and navigating complex family situations.

The connection we formed with Cody and Allison showed up both in the experience and the outcome of our engagement shoot. We created a fun day out of taking incredible photos, laughing as we went off the beaten path and explored beautiful waterfalls. As an added bonus, Cody had a special sense of when I needed to get out of my head during the shoot. Knowing about my insecurities and fears of being awkward in photos, he intuitively knew when to check in with how I felt. Unlike the photographers of my youth telling me to tilt my chin to the left, Cody reminded me that all I had to do was show up as myself. This was a game changer for our photography experience, and the comfort that Cody and Allison created for us is visible in our photos.

Our engagement photos were clear proof that we made the right decision. We look back at our photos and see who we are and how we feel about each other. Our playfulness, the goofy laughs we share daily, our tender moments of holding each other and feeling the deepest love we’ve ever known – all of that is visible in our photos. The dreams of having images that captured our emotions and experiences came true, thanks to Cody and Allison. Needless to say, we can’t wait to see what our wedding photos look like. Beyond the photos, we are grateful for the way Cody and Allison have helped us to strengthen our relationships. With their guidance, we have slowed down, focused on each other, and re-centered on our values during a busy season of life. Getting engaged at the beginning of a global pandemic has been a wild experience, yet this journey has been perfectly imperfect. Our checklist could never capture the beautiful experience we have had working with Cody and Allison, and we like it that way.”

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