March 1, 2022

Andria & Dane | Nashville Wedding | Cedarwood Weddings

Andria & Dane | Nashville Wedding | Cedarwood Weddings

What started as a 2 hour meeting for the first time in a coffee shop blossomed into a friendship almost instantly. What followed were many Harry Potter movie nights, an epic trip to Asheville for their engagement session and then them sadly leaving us and moving to California and constantly coming up with brilliant plan after brilliant plan in how we will move there and join them. Still working that one out…sorta kidding – for now.

Their wedding day was nothing short of magic. They had a beautiful and intimate wedding day at Cedarwood Weddings surrounded by 50 of their closest people. It was definitely a day in which the line between guest and photographer was blurred for us and it was truly such a wonderful day to be a part of. It’s always the best feeling to watch two people fully enjoy their wedding day, free of stress over the little things and be in the flow that the day brings – which was exactly what these two did. It makes sense given Dane’s calm grounded demeanor mixed with Andria’s excitement and zest for life – a beautiful combination.

Many thanks to both of you for having us be a part of this season with you both. We’re immensely grateful for you both!

Here’s a glimpse into their day!


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