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Tuscany Villa Intimate Wedding | Italy Wedding Photographer

Tuscany Villa Intimate Wedding | Italy Wedding Photographer

Mina & Jiho | Tuscany Villa Wedding |  Italy Wedding Photographer

A few months ago, we were fortunate to take place in an incredibly magical weekend with Mina & Jiho in the countryside of Tuscany, Italy. When we first met Mina & Jiho, they were considering having a full on large wedding in New York City. About halfway through the planning process, they scrapped all of their plans and decided to bring their 40 closest friends and family to Tuscany for their wedding!

The wedding took place on a private piece of property with two villas that were literally centuries old. It literally felt like stepping back in time and truly aided in this feeling of being disconnected from the outside world. After all, we barely had wifi or phone service in the area as well. We were actually fortunate to stay the entire weekend on site with everyone and enjoy some of the incredible Italian food and wood fired pizza that were all made on site.

The wedding day was definitely one we’ll never forget. It was definitely like shooting from the inside out and it was so easy to get immersed in the energy of their incredibly supportive friends and family. We’ve absolutely loved the time we’ve gotten to spend with these two throughout the last year and a half and are so excited to share their Tuscany, Italy wedding below!