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During our time together, we are truly just here to capture you. Because of that, we consider the process of creating these images as co-creation. We are creating together as a team. We'll give you very open ended poses and ways for your bodies to fit together that you're free to move around within. We deeply encourage natural interaction and believe our job is to create a space for those moments to flow naturally. Rather than simply telling you to do something, we'll be giving you prompts that you can actually respond to and that foster more connection between the two of you as well. This is a process that truly enables and empowers you both to be yourselves as we're constantly looking for opportunities to bring who you both are out as much as we can. Once you get the hang of it, you'll find yourselves just naturally having moments between each other. Maybe you're sharing laughs or maybe your eyes are closed as you both settle into stillness together. Either way, the moments are real. And while all of that is happening, we are doing the work of capturing you in a way that helps you look and feel your best.

Posing shouldn't be scary.

Shannon & Joe

"…It became clear to us that we valued having a photographer who could capture emotions through photos. Beyond remembering what we looked like, we wanted to look back at our photos and feel how we felt on our wedding day. Through that, it became clear these images wouldn’t be possible unless we connected genuinely with the people we chose.

The idea of having my photo taken made me feel vulnerable and I was nervous going into our session. However, being in Cody and Allison's presence instantly and effortlessly felt like a relaxed hang out with friends. Cody and Allison are friendly, open, and care deeply about their couples. We quickly felt at ease having this couple in our corner..."


Nashville Wedding Photographers

We'll hop on the phone, dive into your story, answer any of your questions, share a bit about ourselves and our process as well as start helping you visualize the experience you're looking to have.

After you've chosen your experience and session collection, we'll start planning all of the details such as specific locations, timeline, any help with outfits etc.

This is the fun part! You get to actually live out the experience we created together and you'll have your full gallery of images within two weeks of your session!

Reach out via our contact form and we'll reach back within 24 hours with some full couple's session galleries along with dates to schedule a phone call!

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