Why albums?

After both going through a divorce of our parents and for Cody, losing his dad and step father exactly a year apart, it become so clear to us how much we valued these photographs and being able to relive our own parents wedding day. However, after Cody lost his father, we found out that he had actually destroyed Cody’s parents wedding album all together shortly after their divorce. We started offering our Heirloom albums because we believe that albums are the most immersive way to relive your wedding day, hold on to memories for years to come and to have something to pass down through generations.

As we were both growing up, we both distinctly remember spending time flipping through our parent’s wedding albums. Back then, most of our parents had the cheap photo albums with the plastic slip-in pages. You know, the ones where all the photos would dump out if you held it upside down. There was always this really incredible experience around being able to relive a day that happened before we ever even existed and beyond that, get to experience our own parents wedding day.

Relive your story through something tangible

It's no secret that we live in a digital world. Most of us experience our images through the medium of a screen and most of our images live in some sort of cloud. And beyond that, we spend a good portion of our lives connected to technology. We believe that when we take the time to slow down and connect with something more tangible in front of us, that we experience life in much deeper and richer way. We also believe the same thing applies to your images.

We chose to make albums a major part of the experience we create for our couples because we believe in the power of your story. There is something indescribable about being able to not only relive your wedding day in a story form but also have a physical object that can bring people together to the degree than a wedding album can.

Imagine breaking your album out 10 years from now. Imagine having family over to your home and creating a memory by sitting down and reliving your wedding day through your album.

Hand crafted to last generations

All of our albums are hand crafted by people we know and trust. They're created with a leather-bound cover with museum grade printing on the most durable archival materials. To sum up the geeky mumbo jumbo, they're built to last a very very long time.

In addition to this, everything is custom designed by us with your preferences taken into account. We work as much as we need to create the story that you want to tell.

We love flipping through our album and reminiscing about our wedding day. It transports us right back to each moment.

Madeline & Sam Moot