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Marriage is hard. That’s something that we’re all told and instinctually know when agreeing to enter into such a commitment with another person. But what no one ever tells you is how relationships also have the potential to be the most positively transformative experiences of your life.

Within the first year of Allison and I being together, I lost my stepfather and father on the same date just a year apart. Just months after my dad passing, Allison and I decided to move to Nashville. In the first six months of being here, we got engaged, I dropped out of college and began to pursue wedding photography full time. The anxiety and shame that came with being a “college drop out” was truly overwhelming and it drove us to want to build a business we could consider successful. But while everything externally was great, our lifestyle greatly lacked balance and left us both overworked, barely seeing each other and overall unhappy with our lives. This also caused a lot of strain on our first two years of marriage and left us ultimately questioning everything we once thought was important. 

Following this realization came a year feeling lost and disconnected from ourselves all while preparing to also bring our first child into the world. This brought so many complex emotions that neither one of us had ever experienced until now. It was in that time that we learned that no matter what the material world throws at us, that the most  precious thing that we have is our relationships with each other. It took one of the lowest points in our lives to help us learn how to help build each other up and give each other space to become better versions of ourselves. This season of life truly taught us the value of relationships and how to empower the people around us. 

We both understand that there are few moments in wedding planning that give you permission to fully be yourselves. Between the weighing task list, the noise of the wedding industry and big decisions you have to make, it’s extremely difficult to fully connect with the person who means the most to you…AKA The entire reason you’re even reading this! We’ve been there…And guess what? You don’t have to go at it alone. We’ve created an experience that gives you more than just beautiful images and that encourages not only our connection with you during this season of life, but your connection with each other. 


Life is slow for us. And we mean that in the best way possible. Among sharing our time with each other, we are also parents to our son, Kyler and other puppy child, Baxter. While Marriage has taught us the value of authenticity, becoming parents has taught us the power being fully present and cherishing each moment with the people around us. Because of this, we spend a lot of our days enjoying the little things such as playing with our son, making yummy meals, going for frequent walks and working on other small projects. While we still enjoy the occasional movie theater date or Harry Potter Marathon, we’ve swapped a lot of that out to spend time reading outdoors or sitting in nature. We’ve also developed a deep love for travel, find it incredibly refreshing and hope to one day show our son as much of the world as we can.

Beyond that, we just simply enjoy being in the presence of good company and just to talk about life for hours. We’ve made it a goal to lead a more purposeful life and because of that, always do our best to learn from and lift up the people around us.

I’m sure there are tons of other random facts and interests we could go on about but we’ll save all that for when we meet for the first time!

You’ve heard our story and if anything we said resonated with you, we’d love to meet you both and hear your story!

Love Notes
Abbey & Jake
Our experience with Cody and Allison was amazing. We would hire them to do our engagement/wedding photos over and over again! After our engagement session, Cody and Allison weren't just photographers to us, they became our friends. We trusted them completely on our wedding day. It allowed us to relax and have fun knowing our photos would be amazing- and they were. We both have said multiple times that Cody and Allison were hands down the best decision we made when planning our wedding. They captured our memories from this special day in a way that artistically reflected our love, style, and personality as a couple.
love notes
Jacob & Alena
We just want to start out by saying that working with Cody and Allison will be one of the happiest experiences of your life. They are two warm and genuinely friendly people who have a nack for making you feel comfortable in any situation so you can be sure they are capturing who you truly are. There were lots of shared laughs and lots of “WHAT THE EFF - YOU ARE A GOD BEHIND THAT CAMERA” kind of moments with them. We not only got incredible pictures and hilarious jokes but we also got so inspired by their creativity. Having Cody and Allison capture our elopement was such an uplifting experience right from the beginning.
love notes
Marisah & Steven
Not only are Cody and Allison super talented, but they really made it a priority to make a connection with us before anything else. Leading up to the wedding, they planned with us and dreamed with us, but the focus was always about who we were and our love story. Our wedding day was lighthearted and easy-going, we never felt hurried into anything. Full of jokes and a really personable character, they had us and our entire bridal party in tears laughing — we still have family members who talk about them! During our second day shoot we felt like we were with a longtime friend of ours and before we knew it we were celebrating over some really good tacos. These two are the real deal and we honestly couldn’t feel more blessed to have had the best of the best capture our love.