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Life took off very quickly for both of us. Within just two years of moving to Nashville together, we had both started our business, quit our day job/dropped out of school, got engaged, continued on to get married and then watched our business rapidly take off before our eyes. 

Though it seemed like our lives were perfect on paper and we had it all figured out, our lives began to become so heavy and focussed around a lot of the external things such as work and accumulation of various success. We were traveling the world, our business was thriving and we were doing all the things that we thought would bring us happiness but ultimately, we were left in the reality that we just weren’t truly enjoying life and life had simply stopped being fun. As anyone could imagine, that can take a big toll on your relationship as well. 

It was in the midst of this heavy and confusing time that we were on a trip to Thailand a few years ago when something truly incredible happened. We were both basically wearing rags in the middle of the Thailand jungle, playing with rescued elephants when an elephant wrapped its trunk around Cody and he turned to hug it right back. It’s like the lights turned on inside of him for the first time in several years. It really did for both of us actually. 

One of our friends actually managed to snap a photo of each of us in these moments which is one of our favorite set of photos. It was truly just the act of letting ourselves go, ceasing to take everything so seriously for that afternoon and just falling in love with the moment that we were in that really opened our eyes. 

 These photos continue to remind us that there’s nothing in life that should ever stop us from connecting with the big kid that lives in all of us and that life is way too short to not live in every moment with love. 

After this season of life, we started to reconstruct our lives in a way that allowed us to simply have more fun and in turn, bring out the best parts of ourselves. The meaning of our lives and marriage has deepened since then and we’ve learned to use photography as a way of helping others experience those very emotions.