Just bring yourselves. We’ll take care of the rest!

Our relationship moved insanely fast. We met in college and within a year, we decided to pack up and move to a new city. I (Cody) had dropped out of school o pursue this rapidly growing ​wedding ​photography career while Allison had just stepped into her dream job. In the midst of all of this, we decided to get married and have a wedding of our own. ​What we didn’t realize was how clueless we were in doing this…

Growing up, Allison had always carried the belief that her value was in pleasing the people closest to her. This reflected in our relationship by her feeling it was her job to make me happy.​ I grew up believing that in order to be seen and loved that I had to have all eyes on me by means of achievement.  As I became an adult, I felt the way to combat these feelings ​was to carry the pressure of needing to be successful so I could create the perfect life for not only myself but the both of us. 

We exerted so much of energy trying to manage the expectations we had placed on ourselves that we had little energy ever left for what was actually important to us. This reflected in our wedding even though we were clueless to it. Then it bled into our marriage.

On paper, our life had seemed seemingly incredible. However, we found ourselves in a continual loop of unhappiness and ​not understanding why.We started to question everything. We weren’t sure if we wanted to be wedding photographers and this turned into us believing we may not even want to be married anymore. This caused us to start inquiring deeply as to why we were even choosing to do this work as wedding photographers. It took us hitting rock bottom to finally wake up to what we couldn’t see…

We realized that in our pursuit of trying to hustle our way to happiness that we had actually missed it all together. We learned that perfection isn’t made but that it’s found in what already is. We learned that when we slow down ​(and focused on taking care of ourselves / find our own personal peace and happiness in ourselves)​ that we are able to cultivate a much deeper appreciation for everything and everyone in our lives, ​including each other in our relationship.

We believe that creating a safe space for people to be exactly who they are leads to the greatest life and the best wedding experience. We’ve realize through our own relationship that our cameras are tools to help our couples step out of the rigid expectations of others and into a deeper into a place of greater self confidence so they can create a more intentional relationship and a more impactful life.

A bit more about us



Ever since I was a child, I’ve embraced my wild imagination and choose to see the extraordinary in the ordinary, not only in photography but in every day life. I’ve always felt most in my element when creating or getting to share the deeper conversations of life with other people and help them see the extraordinary parts in themselves. Because of that,  I’ve found an immense fulfillment in photographing weddings and getting to share such an exciting time with every couple we work with.

I spend a lot of my free time writing/recording/performing music and practicing yoga.  Allison and I also carry a deep love for travel that’s brought us to eight countries together in the past three years!



Over the past few years, I’ve discovered that I find the most joy in making others feel valued and taken care of. I find I personally thrive in the details and because of this, I find a lot of  fulfillment in seeing a couple every step of the way of this season and giving them the peace of mind that they’ll be taken care of.

I have this really incredible routine of working out or doing yoga, then immediately coming home and eating a lot of chocolate. I believe in balance and that we should all learn to laugh at ourselves more. I also love to spend my free time with Cody & Baxter, our Boston Terrier. Over the past 5 years of us being together, we’ve developed an expansive backstory and persona for Baxter that we frequently narrate at the dog park.

Our Love Language

Brittany & Phill
Connecting with Cody and Allison for our wedding was by far one of the best decisions we made! I say connect because they are not just wedding photographers. They immediately make you feel like you are part of their inner circle and this happens in the most organic, real, and comfortable way. Phil and I had a destination wedding but were able to have a few FaceTime sessions and meet in person when they visited Chicago. We really wanted wedding photos that were not just traditional but focused more on the emotions of the day. Also, neither of us are very comfortable in front of the camera. They made us feel relaxed while providing direction and having fun! If you want photographers who truly capture your day and genuinely care about you both as people, Cody and Allison should be your choice!
Abbey & Jake
Our experience with Cody and Allison was amazing. We would hire them to do our engagement/wedding photos over and over again! After our engagement session, Cody and Allison weren't just photographers to us, they became our friends. We trusted them completely on our wedding day. It allowed us to relax and have fun knowing our photos would be amazing- and they were. We both have said multiple times that Cody and Allison were hands down the best decision we made when planning our wedding. They captured our memories from this special day in a way that artistically reflected our love, style, and personality as a couple.
love notes
Jacob & Alena
We just want to start out by saying that working with Cody and Allison will be one of the happiest experiences of your life. They are two warm and genuinely friendly people who have a nack for making you feel comfortable in any situation so you can be sure they are capturing who you truly are. There were lots of shared laughs and lots of “WHAT THE EFF - YOU ARE A GOD BEHIND THAT CAMERA” kind of moments with them. We not only got incredible pictures and hilarious jokes but we also got so inspired by their creativity. Having Cody and Allison capture our elopement was such an uplifting experience right from the beginning.
Marisah & Steven
Not only are Cody and Allison super talented, but they really made it a priority to make a connection with us before anything else. Leading up to the wedding, they planned with us and dreamed with us, but the focus was always about who we were and our love story. Our wedding day was lighthearted and easy-going, we never felt hurried into anything. Full of jokes and a really personable character, they had us and our entire bridal party in tears laughing — we still have family members who talk about them! During our second day shoot we felt like we were with a longtime friend of ours and before we knew it we were celebrating over some really good tacos. These two are the real deal and we honestly couldn’t feel more blessed to have had the best of the best capture our love.