Hi There

First off, let us just send you both all of the gratitude in the world for making it this far. Since you have, it’s safe to say there’s a big chance we’ll get to meet and start the conversation about how we can bring something unique and valuable to this time in your lives.

We believe that wedding photography is actually more than just photography. While we’re artists and absolutely love to create, we always strive to do so with purpose. We’ll always be ourselves and will always encourage you both to do the same. Our only goal is to create space for you and your love to feel comfortable, accepted and celebrated. Everything after that is just magic.

Imagine going in for a hug with your grandmother and holding it just three seconds longer. Imagine just simply letting go and allowing the happy tears to fall without hesitation. Imagine staring into your partners eyes without letting any distractions break that gaze.

In a world that always seems to move so fast and require so much of us, your wedding day should be a day where you’re fully immersed in every moment. It should be a day where you can be 100% unapologetically yourselves. It should be a day unmarked by distraction of the little things so you can find joy in all the big things.

With the wedding industry and planning process being so associated with stress, we only hope that we can serve as a breath of fresh air for the two of you. The best wedding days are the ones that feel good. Now imagine having photos that reflect just that.

A bit more about us



In Allison’s Words

Cody is one of the most passionate and dedicated people I know. He loves Harry Potter to the point of having a tattoo dedicated to it and frequently visits the Rocketfizz soda shop next door to get butterbeer. Even with his dedication and professionalism, he still somehow manages to never let his humor be set aside.  He always tries to find the best tacos in every city he visits.

cody and allison wedding photographers


In Cody’s Words
Allison is one of the most kind and selfless people I’ve ever met. She is the type who embraces genuine experiences and believes that those moments trump all worldly things. She has a carefree nature to her that makes her both comforting and fun to be around. She’s also extremely intuitive and someone I lean into when I feel stuck. Allison is a frequent nap taker, lover of all things food related and frequently sneaks me cupcakes at weddings.

Our Love Language

Love Notes
Abbey & Jake
Our experience with Cody and Allison was amazing. We would hire them to do our engagement/wedding photos over and over again! After our engagement session, Cody and Allison weren't just photographers to us, they became our friends. We trusted them completely on our wedding day. It allowed us to relax and have fun knowing our photos would be amazing- and they were. We both have said multiple times that Cody and Allison were hands down the best decision we made when planning our wedding. They captured our memories from this special day in a way that artistically reflected our love, style, and personality as a couple.
love notes
Jacob & Alena
We just want to start out by saying that working with Cody and Allison will be one of the happiest experiences of your life. They are two warm and genuinely friendly people who have a nack for making you feel comfortable in any situation so you can be sure they are capturing who you truly are. There were lots of shared laughs and lots of “WHAT THE EFF - YOU ARE A GOD BEHIND THAT CAMERA” kind of moments with them. We not only got incredible pictures and hilarious jokes but we also got so inspired by their creativity. Having Cody and Allison capture our elopement was such an uplifting experience right from the beginning.
love notes
Marisah & Steven
Not only are Cody and Allison super talented, but they really made it a priority to make a connection with us before anything else. Leading up to the wedding, they planned with us and dreamed with us, but the focus was always about who we were and our love story. Our wedding day was lighthearted and easy-going, we never felt hurried into anything. Full of jokes and a really personable character, they had us and our entire bridal party in tears laughing — we still have family members who talk about them! During our second day shoot we felt like we were with a longtime friend of ours and before we knew it we were celebrating over some really good tacos. These two are the real deal and we honestly couldn’t feel more blessed to have had the best of the best capture our love.