Our relationship moved insanely fast. We met in college and within a year, we decided to pack up and move to a new city. I (Cody) had dropped out of school to pursue this rapidly growing ​wedding ​photography career while Allison had just stepped into her dream job. In the midst of all of this, we decided to get married and have a wedding of our own. ​What we didn't realize was how clueless we were in doing this...

Growing up, Allison had always carried the belief that her value was in pleasing the people closest to her. This reflected in our relationship by her feeling it was her job to make me happy.​ I grew up believing that in order to be seen and loved that I had to have all eyes on me by means of achievement. As I became an adult, I felt the way to combat these feelings ​was to carry the pressure of needing to be successful so I could create the perfect life for not only myself but the both of us.

We both exerted so much energy by trying to manage these expectations we had placed on ourselves that we had little energy ever left for what was actually important to us. This reflected in our wedding even though we were clueless to it. Then it bled into our marriage. On paper, our life had seemed seemingly incredible. However, we found ourselves in a continual loop of unhappiness and ​not understanding why. We started to question everything. We weren’t sure if we wanted to be wedding photographers and this turned into us believing we may not even want to be married anymore.This caused us to start inquiring deeply as to why we were even choosing to do this work as wedding photographers.

It took us hitting rock bottom to finally wake up to what we couldn’t see...

We realized that in our pursuit of trying to hustle our way to happiness that we had actually missed it all together. We learned that perfection isn't made but that it's found in what already is. We learned that when we slow down ​(and focused on taking care of ourselves / find our own personal peace and happiness in ourselves)​ that we are able to cultivate a much deeper appreciation for everything and everyone in our lives, ​including each other in our relationship.

This radically changed our approach in our business and led us to the realization that our only job in life is to pursue radical honesty in who we are and share that with the world and watch it spread. It was through this experience that that we consider photography is just one of the many mediums where we have the privilege of getting to pull out the most real, vulnerable and carefree version of the people we work with and give them images that reflect who they really are.

Nashville Wedding Photographers

A few of the many things we love.

We liked The Office before it was cool to like the office...doesn't everyone say that?

Narrating for every dog we encounter.

Outdoors. But we don't have like a rewards card at REI or anything.

Live music & festivals.

Swanky Craft Cocktail Bars

All the Thai & Indian food

Movies...but with reclining seats.

Traveling. Low key want to move to Southeast Asia.

Late night deep talks.

I have a Harry Potter tattoo. I also showed Allison my wand collection three years before we started dating.

I'm an Enneagram 4. I'm a total romantic who loves to be in his feels. Oddly nostalgic too.

Personal Growth Books.

Loves to cook & host people. I'm basically "that mom" in male form.

Yoga. I oddly find peace in 110 degrees while stretching.

Being a dad is one of my favorite things. Though my jokes warrant the occasional eye roll from Allison.

All of this sounds like a tinder bio.

Division 1 Tennis player turned Pickleball player.

I'm an Enneagram 9. I'll relax once the people around me do. Also, naps.

I'm a Hufflepuff.


The Green Bay Packers.

Always hiding snacks around our home.

Becoming a mother changed my life.

Easily content. Cody also tells me I might be the most organized person he's ever met.

This also sounds like a tinder bio. Hope I match with Cody. ;)

"I can't even begin to describe how amazing Cody and Allison are. They truly captured our wedding day better than we could have imagined. Not only are they amazing at what they do, but they are truly just amazing people in general. They make sure they get to know each of every couple they have so they can build a personal relationship with them. From day one we never thought of them as just a vendor, because they truly became our friends. It was so easy to talk to them and they made us feel so comfortable, which I feel is really important since they are with you during some of your most intimate moments. Dylan and I continue to rave about how amazing they were during our wedding and are so grateful to have their work with us for the rest of our lives."

Jacey & Dylan | Nashville, Tennessee