If there is one thing that we feel has helped us grow as artists over everything else, education would be just that. Investing in yourself and your craft is imperative to success. Whether it be with us or another photographer who’s work you admire, we highly recommend taking the time to learn, no matter your level of skill!

How does it work?

Everyone has different skills and a completely different method of learning so we like to keep things super simple. So far, we have found that having a cookie cutter mentorship structure simply doesn’t work so each mentorship program is tailored to you and what you want to know from us.  We are open books and hold no secrets back. Skype mentoring tends to be the best way for us to tackle things conveniently but also keep things on a personal level. As far as pricing goes, we simply charge by each session per hour.  For pricing and availability, please email us through our contact form!

Can you teach me in person?

Absolutely! If you want to set up one on one in person mentoring or a full day workshop with you or yourself and a friend, we are more than open to that as well!

What topics do you cover? 

 Topics include but are not limited to shooting and understanding light, creating visually pleasing photos, finding your voice, client interaction, posing and directing, and building a sustainable business. If there is a specific topic or a variety of topics you want to cover, we are totally open anything!


We host and teach at a few workshops. If you want to come and hear from us among a ton of other talented folks, check out the details below!

The Photo Rehab – Moab, UT

Southeast Photo Convention- Nashville, TN 

Forest + Falls Workshop – Spencer, TN

Cody has been mentoring me and I can’t express how much I appreciate the journey we have been on. He’s helped me understand light, composition and editing, all while encouraging me and reminding me that I am capable of being a wonderful photographer. Since I began this mentorship, my photography has evolved and matured so much. It all started with fun filled Skype sessions and eventually lead to an amazing styled shoot!