Our Story

Our journey into wedding photography started about 8 years ago. We were fresh out of college and decided to start our life together in Nashville. Things took off rather quickly for us and within a year, we were traveling the world photographing weddings, teaching other creatives as well as planning a wedding of our own. While we're incredibly grateful for that season, it didn't come without it's lessons. Within our first year of marriage, things got incredibly shaky. We didn't realize at the time that we had never really built a foundation of our lives around who we really were, we were moving too fast to enjoy life and had never really allowed ourselves to be fully seen by each other. To add to this, we were extremely burnt out, overworking ourself and living with a mindset that left little space for our core needs.

This season was the most valuable teacher that radically changed our lives and led us to committing to a path of the deep work of becoming more authentically "us." From here, our business shifted, our relationships radically changed and our overall enjoyment of life skyrocketed. We learned that our greatest super power is simply just showing up as ourselves, messy and imperfect as that might be. As we've committed to that one simple task, we've watched it create space for our couples to feel at ease and simply be able to be themselves. It's really that simple.

Our "why" has shifted throughout the years. Selfishly, we love what we do because it allows us to create art for a living as well as live a life in balance that allows us to show up in life the way that we want to. It's allowed us to spend more time with each other as well as our three year old son, Kyler. As well, weddings are a poop ton of fun.

But deeper than that, there's nothing more rewarding than having countless people tell you they don't feel confident or comfortable either in front of a camera or about themselves and to see their view of themselves radically change after receiving their images. Or deeper than that, simply getting to create a space where two people can have fun and just be themselves. We live in a world that tells you that you "should" be a lot of things and we've always found it incredibly refreshing when we can learn to say eff that and show up as our messy and imperfect selves . Even deeper than all of this though, we really just photograph weddings for the cake and food. That's the tweet.

"So, why weddings?

...other than the fact that it's just really hard to be bummed out around two really amazing people surrounded by all their people in same space at the same time which will probably only ever occur once in their entire life?"

Our cameras are simply tools that allow us to reflect who you are back to you.

Nashville Wedding Photography

Honestly couldn't recommend Cody and Allison enough! We could instantly could tell that they were different then the others. When they started out by having a facetime call to get to know us as a couple and what we were envisioning for our wedding we knew that they were the perfect fit for us. Not only is there work absolutely stunning they are amazing people to be around. From our engagement shoot to our wedding day they made us feel so comfortable and natural. We are so excited to have found such great people to help us document some of the best memories of our life,

We spent over a year researching the best wedding photographer- and we definitely found that with Cody & Allison. They are such sweet people, and made us feel so comfortable on our big day. When they shot our wedding day, it was like having old friends hanging with us. They captured such beautiful moments and real emotions and are true experts at their craft. Our wedding pictures more than exceeded our expectations and everyone has been raving about how great they turned out. The pictures really tell a story of our beautiful day and we will cherish these photos and our photo album forever!

We cannot believe just how lucky we were to have found Cody and Allison and through out the entire process, they were incredibly patient, communicative and reliable. They really embraced getting to know us as individuals and as a couple first, which truly helped us feel comfortable and at ease. We eventually ended up deciding on a small destination wedding in Tuscany, and More than anything, they kept us calm, present and really basking in through all the crazy emotions of the day. That, honestly, was the best thing we could have asked for that we never realized…And on top of everything, we truly love them as a couple and as genuine humans.

Kristin & Cody

Madeline & Sam

Mina & Jiho

Things We Love


One of the things we immediately bonded over was our love for music and music festivals. We make it a point to go to at least one big festival a year!


Traveling became a huge part of our lives through wedding photography and has obviously stuck ever since. We've been to 8 countries together so far and one day dream to live abroad. Palm Springs, CA may also be our second home.. Just give us somewhere warm and romantic!

Food...do we even need to say this though?

Give us thai food, tacos or pizza and we are happy.

Our Hobbies


Our People

Life wouldn't be complete without our families and circle. we're incredibly grateful for the chosen family we've INCIDENTALLY assembled over time.