Moving Moments

A unique way to tell your story.

Maybe you're someone who's looking for something...different.

Where I felt my days in wedding videography were more about making an impressive film, Moving Moments always felt deeper than that. It gave me the ability to actually capture what couples care about in video form without sacrificing anything we were doing photo-wise. If you haven't caught on, each video is actually made up of thousands of images sequenced together. This allows us to deliver not only the video but the same exact images you would have received otherwise! We offer Moving Moments to couples who book us a team as well as by itself!

Fun fact: I (Cody) actually started shooting video for weddings in 2014 when I was in film school. It wasn't until later that I started to take photos and fell in love with photography. For me, it was the focus on the moments, the energy of the day that really sparked my love for photos. Fast forward to 2019 when I was experimenting with different ways to shoot video for a music video I was creating for one of my songs that I discovered how to make what I now call Moving Moments. What I loved about this approach of storytelling was the ability to be so hyper focused on all of the little moments that make up a wedding day.


I also want a traditional videographer. Do you guys work along side them?

Absolutely! Due to the nature of how we create these, it's fairly easy for us to work with your video team without stepping on any toes (figuratively and literally.) We understand that both approaches are very different and also don't consider it any conflict of interest!

Does the quality of images suffer at all when you're shooting both Moving Moments & photos?

In our opinion, no! Quite the opposite actually! Since Moving Moments relies heavily on focussing on real and candid moments happening, it's actually helped us step our game up in how we document a wedding day and the presence we bring to capturing moments. You're still getting the images from the actual video clips themselves so you're not missing out on anything! Here's a full example gallery HERE!

I just want my ceremony covered in addition to this. Could you guys do that or recommend someone?

For sure! We have a big network of local videographers that we're happy to either contract through us or connect you with! Same goes for if you're wanting full day wedding coverage! We're happy to share some of our friends with you!